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american curl

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Rare cats with curled ears

For describing a cat there is no necessity in many words: whiskers, pad, tail, two ears. May be we could also use such words as slyness, slenderness and gracious for complete description of these unique pets. But actually they are not enough, cat is a cat!..
CurlingLight Bruins Really mother-nature could not accept the unfairness, that a human being had spent hundreds of years perfecting dogs, and finally created breeds of friends, warriors, baby-sitters, body-guards and even dogs-toys for wives and children, whereas the cat has passed through many centuries without any change with its elegant, independent walk...
This unfairness was insulting for the Nature, and it decided to shock a human being gifting it with furry Persian, and then with delicate Siamese colour. And the Nature liked this entertainment as ĠIĠ-ĠĠ centuries witnessed a number of breed-forming mutations in cat kingdom.
Certainly, inquisitive human beings undertook the Nature's idea and began to create. Cats breeds have been perfecting and creating: snub-nosed, curly, fur-less, as soon as people got accustomed with fold cats, here it is a new phenomena: a cat with a crown from ears-curl. CurlingLight La Nouba
What's this? It is new breed, that is American curl.
CurlingLight Mangosteen Stylish ears of American curl are hard if to touch them (as real small horns), coquettish curved backwards in smooth arc and trimmed with fluffy nimbus of fur! Model ears give to a face a little bit surprised and slyness expression: Look how I am delicate and unique.
Restless Americans took this gift of the Nature (the first cat of this breed was found in the South California in 1981) and began to perfect it. There are curls of different colours and with different length of hair.
Long-hair curls have tender silky hair not disturbing owners with shedding of hair, whereas the short-hair affect with unique shine of splendid hair. And what's about their character? It is impossible that a miracle like this cat could have a quarrelsome character. Curl's character is a mixture of devotion, tenderness, joy and curiosity. CurlingLight Jazz
Good health and simplicity in care make the complete picture of ideal cat. Could curls have no defects? Unfortunately, they have. The price for a kitten-curl of show class is high enough, it is connected whether with the complicated breeding or with rare and few curls. This breed will not be for everybody, it will be a cat for special owners.
CurlingLight Red Wings All the cats that walked by themselves, but curl walked in the pride. Probably, this peculiarity makes these cats indispensable partners. Curl as a good spirit of the house, tries to satisfy everybody. It will bring a newspaper in its teeth to a tied father, retuned from work, help in doing the laundry to a busy mother, and cheer up a crying child.
It's not enough to have one curl at home. The owners of these amazing cats are unanimous in this.

Author text - Svetlana Ponomariova
Translation - Anna Tomashevskaya.